Position Statement

Neuraxial Small Bore Connector Special Interest Group
Position Statement on the adoption of medical devices for use in neuraxial procedures

The UK NHS is committed to enhancing patient safety by the timely introduction of ISO 80369-6 compliant non-luer connectors into neuraxial systems for the reduction of avoidable accidents related to the misconnection of devices.

Under the auspices of BAREMA, a Special Interest Group of member and non-member companies manufacturing and supplying the neuraxial market in the UK has been formed.
The purpose of this industry collaboration is to assist in the safe, controlled and appropriately managed introduction of the new ISO 80369-6 compliant neuraxial connectors into the UK and other global markets.
UK NHS, as a primary instigator of this patient safety initiative, has proposed Q1 2017 as the target introduction date for a sustainable range of ISO-6 compatible neuraxial devices.
It is recognised that, based on past experience, the introduction of partially complete neuraxial systems is not satisfactory and may be detrimental to patient safety.
The SIG is therefore working in direct cooperation with NHS purchasing and supply authorities to meet this target delivery date and to assist in subsequent introduction so that it is managed in a safe and sustainable manner.
Whilst individual members of the SIG may be considered commercial competitors, all members of the group deem patient safety to be the paramount concern.